George Avramidis “Protocol” Lyrics by Evlampia Tsireli

71435 Lyrics for George Avramidis‘s album, PROTOCOL

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Lyrics by Evlampia Tsireli


And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.
And he called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.”
And there was evening, and there was morning…
And then God said “Let there be sound”, and there was sound.
He called the sound “music”, and the silence He called “nothing”.
And there was a song, and there was no silence anymore.
Then God decided to bring people in existence through music.
He created man by playing a magic drum.
Then he sang a lullaby to the man and put him to bed.
And from his heart he created woman.
And God told them:
Live in harmony with music, ‘cause music is your breath,
‘cause music is your heartbeat. Live in harmony with music.
And people lived happily ever after because of music.
They never hurt each other
They smile all the time
They believe in each other
And sing songs all the time together
They feel free and bear children through singing
And their children don’t cry, they only sing.
They work, whistling and singing chirpily
Their guns play music
They make no wars, only parties
There are no bullets, just notes
There is no money, just music sheets.

Beyond the clouds

Beyond the clouds
Beyond the universe
Beyond the blazing sun,
Beyond the curtain of the mortal
I run faster than time in a late life.
More delayed than immortality.
Beyond the glory of the past
Beyond the forces of good and evil
Beyond the dust of ages
I see thorns and wounds
In immaterial windswept bodies
Tomorrow never comes if you look at the past
The present is filled with hunger for plenty and lust
A delay, a permanence
An endless and immortal routine.
And as you walk to the valley of life,
dance to its rhythm.
Like a party, no sad faces…
Love –Sing-Help-Smile-Hug-Kiss-Dance-Care
Different people, from different tribes,
different colours, different faces…
All holding each other’s hand.
They teach you how to live.
They teach you how to love.
Simply, happily, with no greed and evil.
Feel lucky and blessed.
See that figure coming through the grey clouds?
It’s Life. She smiles back at you.
So live inside You.
Don’t live the days and the years.
Live yourself.
Live your life.

Battle Rhyme

I guess it’s true
No one believes in you
If you don’t believe in yourself
Upon a shelf
I found a book
To look
I read what people think about life
It’s a strife
Between nations
And all those creations
Of things that we love
Like a dove
Flying around my head
They can’t be dead
I mean…
What about all these things we share
and swear
to keep together inside forever
I think I’ll never
Make you understand
You pretend
That you care for those
Who die for a dose
For those that raise their arms
and refuse to be lambs
for those you hate
because their fate
is to be free
no matter what they see
They too belong in this world
And I was told
They’re my brothers and sisters
Hear the whispers
they ‘re whispering the words
they ‘re like swords
they fight in battle
they don’t like cattle
they don’t like TVs and shows
don’t like to pose
freedom is their cause
‘cause that’s the lifestyle they chose.


© Evlampia Tsireli


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